Add VIP: Implement DID (Decentralized Identifiers)

Link to PR: add VIP:DIDs
Link to Repo: vedid

This is a VIP proposal to build a DID infrastructure on VeChain and hopes that developers can develop more applications based on DID.
DID is a decentralized identity standard proposed by W3C, which enables users to register and manage their own identities on a decentralized network, and can use this identity in central and decentralized applications.

VeChain’s DID implementation is following the W3C standard, and hopes that through smart contracts, DAPP and other smart contracts can directly access DID data on the blockchain and support some DID verification methods on the chain.

The VIP is a draft, I am developing smart contracts and tools for DID, the VIP will be update.

Is this similar to ERC-1056?

Yes, some methods of ERC-1056 refer to DIDs.
I want to implement some methods of DID and use DID to develop some Demo Dapp to show how to use the DID. For example, VIP180 supports DID, a contract wallet based on DID.

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Hi @moglu I see your PR is marked as closed, do you have any update on this one or you would like to open a new one on further discussion?

hi @moglu any update? Do you want to reopen?