VIP-TokenRecovery - New and better documentation to help our community in recovering their lost funds

Link to PR: Add draft version of VIP-TokenRecovery by VetMaik · Pull Request #49 · vechain/VIPs · GitHub

Many of you might know me as a community admin on Reddit, Discord, Telegram or have seen me active of Twitter! I’m helping out community member on a daily basis with recovering their VET. However, as honored as I am that our community are guiding our holders to me when they need help, they should actually be helped on our official website for support:

We need to improve and add to our existing articles so we can give our community the help they need on our official channels. This will prevent our community members to fall for scams and have the possibility to create a ticket if the documentation is not working out for them or when the need extra help.

I’m very experienced in helping people recover their VET in different ways and are willing to contribute in creating the needed material. Some topics I want to cover

  • Recover VET sent to your ETH/BSC/Other address (using vechain network)

  • Recover VET sent to you vechain address using BSC, CRO or other networks that have their own VET variant

  • Same items but when using a Ledger Hardware Wallet

All to create a safe environment for our community to recover the VET they thought they lost!

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@VetMaik let me start with saying that I appreciate all that you do in terms of supporting the vechain community. Thank you.

This is a good idea and certainly something that we should have documented in order to be able to send to users who find themselves in the scenario of having to recover their VET which they mistakenly sent to an incorrect chain.

In terms of progressing this VIP can I ask that you provide your suggested content in the VIP PR so that it may be reviewed and discussed.

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Hey @VetMaik, to be more explicit I think adding the articles themselves to the PR would provide enable a review of the content of the articles and for this VIP to progress.

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Great idea! Will definitely do that.

I added two additional ideas to the PR that work very well with the guides.

  1. With the release of the official vechain bridge, it would be great to be able to swap VET from different networks. Since other networks like BSC and Cronos have their own bridged VET, this would help our holders a lot. Instead of sending wrongly withdrawn back to the CEX, they can easily swap it to real VET from our official bridge.

  2. I would like VeWorld to have custom derivation path support. Sync2 supports this since a few months and it is a game changer. It made my guides more easy to follow and a lot safer.

I think this would require the creation of separate VIPs. One idea / implementation / suggestion per VIP.

Echo @brettski on this, the support you give is vital. With regards to the content, video tutorials may also be desirable and easy to follow. Looking forward to reading the articles when you update the PR :+1:

Thanks! I’m working on the first one actually. Had to spend some time on learning Github markup :slight_smile:

Hi @VetMaik , is there anything else you would like to the PR? I see latest commit under end of August, seems that you will be provide one report per PR as the conversation above, just wanted to know if it’s good to review now.

Thanks for your support

Hi @sebaseek, I would like to add the Binance Smart Chain variant as well. ETH + BSC are the two most common ones. Also talked with Jasper who is doing the support tickets on

Once support understands what derivation paths are it’s really easy to apply my guides to any chain as long as you know what derivation path they use.

Apologies for the delay! September has been a crazy (good) month for me.

We have recently updated our docs,, whenever the content is complete and reviewed we can open a PR on this repo, GitHub - vechainfoundation/vechain-docs: Welcome to the official vechain documentation repository..