Add VIP: Support CCIP for Connex

ERC-3668: CCIP Read: Secure offchain data retrieval suggests a mechanism that is used widely on the ETH ecosystem to allow a contract to fetch external data.
Providing the functionality as option for connex based interactions with VechainThor improves data access.

I suggest to add an option to connex that enables CCIP reading for contract calls.

When enabled, connex will automatically follow the standard and load off-chain-information and pass it to the contract.

It would lessen the burden on developers to build their own off-chain-access and creates the ability to share data access between dApps.

PR: Add VIP: Support CCIP for Connex by ifavo · Pull Request #56 · vechain/VIPs · GitHub


Raising it with the technical team.

As an additional note:

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Can you provide an update on this?

Hey @favo I wonder if this is something that would better exist in the new sdk. It isn’t a high priority for the team given they are improving the product with the aim of an alpha release. However, the new sdk could be a better home for CCIP support over Connex.