Add VIP: Support Contracts for VeChainThor Node-Ownership

Contracts are widely used in Multi-Sig-Wallets or for DAOs. VeChainThor Nodes can not be transferred to contracts due a restriction in the node-contract.
Lifting the transfer restriction to allow ownership for contracts will allow a widely shared use of VeChainThor Node, especially will it allow to form DAOs arround a single VeChainThor Node.

Changing this behaviour should not have side effects as far as I understand.

PR: Add Contract-Ownership for VeChainThor Nodes by ifavo · Pull Request #52 · vechain/VIPs · GitHub


I think this is an interesting idea. As you have stated it would expand the options for ownership of economic / x-nodes. As you said one example could be ownership of a economic / x-node by a DAO giving DAO members voting rights in vechain governance and access to a larger generation rate of VTHO which could be used to fund additional DAO activities.

The risk here is that economic / x-nodes get placed into contracts that become “corrupted” leading to the loss of the economic / x-node status and also the funds. I wonder if there is any way to avoid this? To be honest I don’t think so and this is just a risk, some mitigation actions could be taken such as auditing the contract before transferring ownership to that contract. This responsibility as with interacting with all contracts would be on the user.

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Wallets can also get lost and as you state, the risk management is the responsibility of the owner and not the network. I believe the potential benefits are absolutely worth it and can add a new layer build by the community on top of the nodes.

I would certainly be interested in seeing more use cases built around economic / x-nodes and providing more utility to the network.

Could you please link to the code where the change would be needed?

I can’t post a link, it says An error occurred: Sorry you cannot post a link to that host.

so here as workaround:
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Hi Mario, I changed the configuration. Could you help me try again if you could post a link?

trying: works! thanks!

I also like this idea and it could play a role in involving more people in governance elections.

Would the current tools support smart contracts claiming node rewards or would that need to be looked at if this was to be progressed?

I am unable to answer that, it’s vechain internal (the claiming tools are not open source?) - how can we get that information and proceed with this topic?

i like this VIP. could maybe use CREATE2 currently to transfer a node token/vet first then deploy a contract?

the other issue i believe would be claiming the bonus vtho for x nodes. seems like it can only be executed on the vechain foundation end:

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ahh, somehow missed ben & favo talking about the last point of claiming rewards. oops

How can we continue with this suggestion? Who can push this ahead?

Technically this is doable however an investigation will be required to see what the impacts will be. As you have pointed out it would be the removal of a single line of code.

Going to have a discussion with the technical team on this.

Here’s an additional thought I had recently:

  • reward claiming is currently off-chain with an API
  • there needs to be a way to claim rewards on-chain
    • one option can be a contract that does the distribution
    • another one, a contract emitting an event and an off-chain handler as before
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There must be some way to claim the rewards? supports reward claiming as well?

I very much like this idea and I have been thinking about community held X-Nodes, or even a community held AN for a while now.

We’re currently looking into other options than the one specified in the VIP since modifying solidity is impossible.

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